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If your shopping for a new furnace or upgrading your homes furnishings here is a place to find a good deal on a furnace and other things that you need for your home.

Plumbing-heating HVAC serving Lima, Columbus Grove, Ottawa, Ada, 
Bluffton, and surrounding area.

standardshort40gallonWater Heater Srvc.
Emergency calls accepted!


I love to visit Menard, Lowes, Home depot and just walk through the lighting department. So many great ideas here!  Dave's Handyman Express
Dave's Handyman will replace Toilets, sinks,faucets, dishwashers and disposals

Ducane 80 percent efficient furnace installs in one day

Ohio License 47300

When you need a guy who does anything, Call Dave!

*Carpentry (int/ext doors)
* Replacing Ceiling Fans 
*Light fixtures
* Toilets (All)
* Sinks, faucets Installed
*Handicap Rails & handles
* Power wash deck, siding
 * Furnace/ Air Conditioning Heating
Repair/ Air conditioning Repair
*Breaker or panel boxes installed
*Hot tub wiring
*Electrical Repairs

As we live in our homes, a family puts a demand on the electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling system that keeps us comfortable. Regular maintenance is the key  component that keeps us comfortable without wasting energy. When was the last time you had a new furnace, toilet, or even a new faucet installed. If your house is in need of repair you need some maintenance. Maintenance is the key to making your home feel great all the time.  My specialty is home indoor air. 
If you suffer headaches call for Dave to check the CO(Carbon monoxide).  If you have allergies, COPD or asthma, you could benefit from new inline air purifiers like the Halo Guardian, that kills viruses and removed odors. A good air filter won't do any good if its dirty so call Dave the Handyman, offering services to Ada, Findlay, and local areas.

If you Smell gas call the gas company 1st. We perform Gas line inspection/ repairs,*Plumbing  * Heating  *Air conditioning .  
I strive to help people enjoy their homes and family.   

                   Had your dryer vent cleaned lately? Save energy.

How do newer appliances lower energy bills?

92%, 95%, 96% furnaces can pay for themselves in time

Established 2010. My goal is provide each customer with quality  service in a timely manner.  I strive to apply the principles of good stewardship and that everything that we accomplish is done to allow us to be at a service to others.

Get  the Handyman book "House and Home".  The book discusses every part of your home...from electrical outlets to the chimney bricks and HVAC systems and many ways to save money doing it yourself.  pleasure to offer you 30 years of experience- Service Gaurantee...I   use my knowledge to remedy your situation in a timely manner.  Within 30 days you will know if the job will hold up.

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