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The hvac guy truck.  What dave drives to bring you the best in home repair, heating and coollingnew heating system. Ducane 80% efu still does the job when you need performance 
The HVAC guy Dave 
Serving Ada, Blufton, Lima, Findlay, and surrounding areas

 It's simple..just call the HVAC guy and ask to have your hvac system checked.  
I offer my customers a maintenance plan for $175  a year.  You get a 12 point inspection and checkup so your indoor and outdoor units will run optimally. Indoor unit inspection:
*24 volt system
* check for has leaks
*  condensate flow
*motor speeds
*thermostat batteries
*humidifier operation
*heat exchanger
*CO level

"What I see is old systems that need maintenance. Lack of maintenance causes issues with most heating systems".What I see most out there is dirt the Furnace evaporators and outdoor condensing units. The next biggest problem is poor installation on the newer systems leading to condensation leaks.

humidistat senses the humidity level in a home while the hvac system is running to add water when necessary
Humididier April air model 500. hvac system upgrade 

Cleaning the lint trap helps your clothes get dry faster.. The HVAC Guy will clean your evap coil even it it's under the house.  You could be wasting energy if the thing is covered in dirt.
 Don't delay to get your condensor and evaporator coil cleaned...this alone saves my customers lots of money on utility bills...I find that evaporator pan has a lot of rust in it. Inspecting  the condensation drain line usually turns into some cleaning.
The HVAC guy uses Rotobrush technology to clean your house. Air Duct Cleaning gets results!The H-VAC Guy, Dave Evans will use a Rotobrush Air+ system to clean your air ducts.  We use a small camera  to help us clean the air ducts thoroughly.  It is my intention to always give attention to detail while I am in a home and to provide the best service possible.  
THE HVAC GUY -Handyman Express knows best
1. Air Duct Inspection
5. Clean Dryer & Clean Dryer Vent  
6. Add antimicrobial fog
7. Thermostat changes

YOUR FAMILY WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE.  Your Air Conditioning system can be clean!

We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service in the industry.
credit application for home improvement like a central air system.  heating and cooling The hvac guy way. 
Proudly Serving Ohio customers since 2002
The HVACGuy is experienced and will make your air conditioning feel better!  The HVAC GUY services many types of units. 
 As a proud member of the BBB, I support small business. 

Water is a precious commodity: have the hvac guy if your need your toilet upgraded or just adjusted to save water

We offer an air purifier that renews/ cleans all the air in your air ducts 100% of the time for great indoor air quality! Ask about the REMI HALO system and receive $50 off installation a new system.

The H-VAC guy is certified by the EPA
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