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Handyman HVAC saves you big money!
In order to really know how to save on your energy consumption it's important to understand how the electric company determines your rate and how much of energy your home requires to sustain your comfort.

According to my calculation, which I derived from ENERGY.GOV, the average household of 5 people can save $52 a month using a water heater timer set to 4 hrs a day. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening and never run out of hot water!

The more people that use the energy in a house, the longer the appliance has to run to  re-coop what is lost.

When you are serious about saving energy, you have to look at your insulation, windows, doors and the condition of your major appliances.

Average kW/hr is 9 cents.  I'm using $7.5 cents as a base here in Ohio

Electric Water Heater
gallons p/day average
Aver 4 cents kW/Hour
Set a timer
4 hrs per day
1 person
cost $1 p/24hr 
save $.33 p/day
 1-2 people
cost $2 p/24 hr 
save $.66 p/day 
 2-4 people
cost $4 p/24 hr 
save $1.32 p/day 
 4-6 people
 cost $5.22 p/24 hr
save $1.74 p/day 
 6-8 people
cost is  $.25 p/hr 
save $1.83 p/day

How much does it cost to install a 240 volt water heater timer?

You can order one online for about $60 and have a licensed company do the work for you.  The hvac guy does the entire job for you in about an 1 hour.  Call for a price quote.  

The number one water waster in a home is the Toilet Flapper.  We install the toilet repair kits.
the number energy loss place in a home is up the chimney and out poorly installed windows.
old breakers will cause lights to flicker! they are on my truck and ready to be installed.

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