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20200618 191244[1]Central air system install specials...most system I install are paid by my customers with a personal check after I'm done.  This must be affordable!
10 years system guarantee!

R22 system customers! Dave has saved people money by finding leaks and repairing older units.

Furnace inspections and diagnostics
  • Inspect and clean filters-some filters not included
  • Check belts and pulleys,
       inspect  filter,  squirrel cage and fans
  • look for loose or cracked duct work
  • listen for noisy furnace and vibrations
  • check your thermostat callibration
  • diognose the safety switches and relays
  • inspect the coils and plenum
  •  The Handyman HVAC Guy Special $129 twice a year 

     50 miles radius from a small town in Ohio called Ada

     REMI-Halo   A system that produces the natural ions that clean air the way nature does it in a thunder storm.  This system installed inside your air handler on a furnace or a/c .

    Demolish removes odors from your air ducts, your drains and even your carpet! 

    If you had a fire, you have smoke damage.  One treatment can get the smoke odors out of the air ducts. 
    Did you know that a clean air duct system will  lower utility bills.  It's easier to move the air when it's clean.  Cleaning the Coil takes skill, but it's worth the effort . Lower your utility bill. Would you like to save money and energy?

    I use an all natural product designed to eat odors
    I have a simple book full of tips to from save money of electric, water and gas bills. I will help you will find the problem and offer my solutions.  
    1ST change your air filter regularly. 
    2nd use a programmable thermostat to preset the comfort of your home while it's occupied.
    3rd...have your air ducts checked every season to avoid costly repairs.  Look for dampers not opened and costly air leaks in the system.
    To get the H-VAC GUY BOOK for a list of All the things I do to stop odors and save money on utility bills press the button up above.  Thanks!   
    NEST Thermostat controlled by thermostatReminder.
    The H-VAC guy is here to provide you with years of experience to suit a variety of projects including finding ways to save my customers money on every job.
    Ready for Summer?   
    How is your air handler running?
    Air filters  should be cleaned or changed every few months. If you use metal filters clean them with degreaser.  Once they get dirty the dust just passes right through them into your home. This dirt can turn to mold, fungus or mildew holding toxins that make a foul odor.

    • The H-Vac Guy will clean your dryer vent.   20,000 fires a year start from clogged dryer vents.   Get yours cleaned regularly. I service all of Ohio
    - The HVAC guy travels to service residential central air I will be happy to travel to  Findlay, Ada, Bluffton, Rawson. Happy to service areas south like Lima and north like Bowling Green or Port Clinton

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