Save money use Less Energy
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Save money use Less Energy

The laws of the universe-Pressure pushes things to the limit

Hi, it's David Evans and I want to tell an incident that shaped my life and made me realize how vulnerable we can be in times of pressure!...seriously now.  If you are about to make a decision on a major purchase or commitment just look back in retrospect and you will see pressure has the ability to make you get busy and how you might regret making a decision under pressure!

It was 1991, I had worked for about a year on my 1st job as a pool maintenance tech in Satellite Beach, FL.  I decided to buy a 1975 Volkswagon bus painted till green with dark tint windows.

Benefit from E-commerce and Make your House a better Home


If you live on planet earth and use cell phone you've either heard about or use social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others that are changing the way people interact.

If you enjoy my BLOG post you might as well dive into my E-COMMERCE store and see if there is anything you like.  Send me a request of things you want and I will look for way to get it at a discount
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What does it take to install a simple central air system?

Air conditioning is something most people take for granted until it's broken.

If your a new home buyer, you will be faced with replacing a component or the entire system at some point in time. It's expensive equipment.  I sell 13 and 14 SEER equipment all the time.  The higher the SEER Rating the better the equipment is built to save energy.

So why do Air conditioning tech's charge so much? If we truly love our jobs and want to help people  stay happy shouldn't it be less expensive?

Making A neglected House a Home

How many times have we considered calling the power company because the bill was just way too high? How many of us have invested in new windows or insulated our home to keep it comfortable all year round?  Did it solve the problem?  My approach to high price utility bills is practical.  Get someone over who will take off the panel and find out which circuits are pulling the most "JUICE" power and determine why. You might have an issue no one ever suspected, but you bought the home "AS-IS" so it's your baby.

Using a cell phone to control indoor air quality, temperature and humidity

Lot's of people have upgraded to the new SMART thermostats like the NEST, allowing us to monitor and control our furnace or heat pump remotely.  This technology helps us save natural resources. FYI:  If you sign up with HomeServe USA, a national warranty company that I work for, you may quality for a FREE NEST thermostat! I install them and will answer your questions.They retail for around $275 at Lowe's. It takes a few hours to get it installed and programmed. By the way, if you research these you will find that some units fail to keep the battery charged and the furnace will shut down!
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