Modern HVAC systems use less energy
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Modern HVAC systems use less energy

Do you run your furnace blower all the time? Is that really helping you save energy?
Way back in the days of the old non efficient furnace the technicians where trained to tell you to run the system all the time.  That I because so much energy was lost up the stack and when air moves through your home it kept the warm air from rising to the ceiling and forced it down along the walls and back through returns.
In modern homes there aren't as many drafts because houses are built better.  Furnaces are designed to balance the requirements of human comfort by distributing air at the correct times.
Modern HVAC systems even have the ability to control the temperature and humidity in each room. This isn't as complicated as you might imagine.  Special dampers controlled by a computer board open and close by signals sent from room thermostats.  Now your family members can be even more comfortable.  Temperature and even lighting and sound can be controlled by a computer aided system controlling many factors in your home that effect individual comfort. 
There is a reports on the internet about well designed home. For instance Bill Gates home built on a lake in the state of Washington has been studied and even mapped out for the world to see through virtual reality. The concepts used in Bill's home are built on the idea that computers should be able to communicate with your homes HVAC system, lighting, and sound system, etc., to bring comfort to a whole new level. Remote control systems have been available for a few decades, but not without trouble. The X-10 system allowed a hand held remote to turn on lights and turn on pool or spa motors. Computers now talk to each other using wireless technology so by wearing a special device that is recognized by a wireless connection everything in your home can become automated specifically to your desire! You just have to program a chip and you can command your homes environment automatically.

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HVAC systems are now so improved. Day by day it is advancing fast.
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Yes this is true that now as the new technologies are emerging in air conditioner devices the energy consumption becoming less which leads to cut-off your electricity bill and ease on expenditures.
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