Managing your energy cost effectively
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Managing your energy cost effectively

When it comes to saving money on energy we know the government has been involved, but they are really just behind the people who are building new appliances to advance technology.  It's not a bad idea, but it's all about making money and boosting the economy. You probably have seen the yellow stickers on your appliances and the marketing about " going GREEN."
When it comes to really saving money on energy you have to consider doing doing a little homework on your home.  Have you already upgraded your insulation? How about  properly sealing all your windows and doors?This is the 1st place to start, then we go one step further.

You have to evaluate the way you heat your water and your home.

Start with the water heater.  If it's gas fired, what do you set the temperature at?  From the factory it will be set between 125 and 135 degrees fahrenheit. That should be adequate.
If your have an electric hot water tank consider the following recommendations.  
a. install a 240 volt water heater timer and set it to run twice a day for 2 hrs.  This will cut down the time the elements operate while still keeping your water hot.  You can save up to $50 dollars a month depending on the amount of water you use p/day.

If you use water sporadically you may have to add one more setting to your timer to keep up with demand.

If you take a look at my chart on my website you will see the amount of money you can save.

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