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Save money use Less Energy

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What does it take to install a simple central air system?

Air conditioning is something most people take for granted until it's broken.

If your a new home buyer, you will be faced with replacing a component or the entire system at some point in time. It's expensive equipment.  I sell 13 and 14 SEER equipment all the time.  The higher the SEER Rating the better the equipment is built to save energy.

So why do Air conditioning tech's charge so much? If we truly love our jobs and want to help people  stay happy shouldn't it be less expensive?

How to stop dust bunnies!

.Two weeks ago I went to clean air ducts in Mansfield Ohio. When I got there the owner said he was nearly cleaning dust bunnies from the floor every day. After carefully cleaning the house ducts and dryer vent I noticed that the new furnace has some return air leaks.
  Then I noticed the dryer vent wasn't hooked up correctly. The small particles from the dryer got sucked through the furnace and we ending up in this mans house.  Dust bunnies where everywhere!

The most important things you want me to change about your indoor air quality

I am constantly trying to improve my services.  One way I do this is by asking my customers exactly what they expect.  Everyone is different. What means the most to you? odor removal or just getting rid of the dust! Let me know and I will try to solve the problem when I'm at your home.
 After I clean all the air ducts in a home and provide the antimicrobial fogging and citrus scent I will get an instant reaction from everyone about how good the house smells.  The real test is when I call back in 2 or 3 weeks and ask how the house feels.

Dead animals leave a bad odor-The Hvac guy solution!

I have some good news to share.  I recently found a product that eliminates odors left behind from dead animals that get into a homes crawl space, duct work, chimney, plumbing, etc.
I have a camera to find the critters 1st, so we can get them out of there.

Air filtration in smaller homes

If your house is  a cottage or a smaller dwelling, you may notice that your home gets dust balls and lint collecting very quickly on the ceiling, fans and registers.  Your air filter will get dirty faster.

When the air handler doesn't have to move the air as far, the air travels at a higher velocity through the house, forcing the dirt to collect much faster in the cracks and crevices.  

I see houses with as little as six registers and one return ... this makes your system very efficient, but also very good for making some extra work for you in the maintenance department.
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