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Everyday thoughts

The laws of the universe-Pressure pushes things to the limit

Hi, it's David Evans and I want to tell an incident that shaped my life and made me realize how vulnerable we can be in times of pressure!...seriously now.  If you are about to make a decision on a major purchase or commitment just look back in retrospect and you will see pressure has the ability to make you get busy and how you might regret making a decision under pressure!

It was 1991, I had worked for about a year on my 1st job as a pool maintenance tech in Satellite Beach, FL.  I decided to buy a 1975 Volkswagon bus painted till green with dark tint windows.

Benefit from E-commerce and Make your House a better Home


If you live on planet earth and use cell phone you've either heard about or use social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others that are changing the way people interact.

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The Unlimited Resource

Many of us know about the natural resources that we use everyday to help us cook our food, dry our clothes and heat our homes.  If we take a close look at the components of our homes that get used the most, we often will find they need some attention.  There are some things that go overlooked and that is why we need people to help us solve the riddles of drafts and air loss.  Read the book available at this site for details.                                                  


Do you suffer from Allergies?
 Do you start sneezing around dust?

If you answered yes,when was the last time your had your air ducts cleaned including the evaporator coil,  fan blower and vent covers? How close do you live to pollen?

Allergens are in the air ducts, on the vent covers and they are blown through the air handler which is aggravating the symptoms of allergies. 

 David Evans here...I suffered from allergies so bad that I had to wear respirator when I mowed the lawn. I lived in Arizona, land of heat!
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