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Everyday thoughts

Take a picture of your Air ducts return

If you own a digital camera, take a minute and stick into the register and take a picture.  If you see white fuzz everywhere, lint or hair, your overdue for air duct cleaning, but I can help.  It's almost time to turn on the furnace. Have your furnace inspected and cleaned twice a year.  In the fall and in the spring before you turn on the Air conditioning.

I have seen a lot of dirty air ducts.  I will tell you how to keep your air ducts cleaner once you get them cleaned out.

When your outside enjoying the "Fresh Air"

Hello once again.  Today's topic comes from experience that I have on the job, working in neighborhoods just like yours and possibly you can relate to this situation.  If your neighbor moved away, possibly due to a foreclosure and your now have to look over at the yard that is barely mowed and the house has shingles missing! You would probably like to look elsewhere but when you do there are other repairs that are needed.... and sometimes you can even smell I right?

Back to the books-Ashwood College for a diploma in HVAC

I'm taking some courses at Ashwood College.  It's online and pretty affordable, so I'll be able to learn some better techniques for troubleshooting and repairing central air conditioning systems.

The season is almost here...we even had an 80 degree day last Sunday the 10th of April

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