Save money use Less Energy
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Save money use Less Energy

Save energy and reduce cost

Managing your energy cost effectively

When it comes to saving money on energy we know the government has been involved, but they are really just behind the people who are building new appliances to advance technology.  It's not a bad idea, but it's all about making money and boosting the economy. You probably have seen the yellow stickers on your appliances and the marketing about " going GREEN."
When it comes to really saving money on energy you have to consider doing doing a little homework on your home.

Modern HVAC systems use less energy

Do you run your furnace blower all the time? Is that really helping you save energy?
Way back in the days of the old non efficient furnace the technicians where trained to tell you to run the system all the time.  That I because so much energy was lost up the stack and when air moves through your home it kept the warm air from rising to the ceiling and forced it down along the walls and back through returns.
In modern homes there aren't as many drafts because houses are built better.

Get A Free Energy Audit-Save hundreds of dollars on your utility bill over a the year

I called the number and followed the prompts. Before long I was talking to a very helpful agent working for Columbia Gas which is my natural gas distributor. The agent asked me a few questions about my income. 
I was told that lots of people qualify for "Warm Choice".  That's a grant funded program that does the audit for FREE.   I really wouldn't be surprised if the average savings is close to a $1000 p/year for sealing up doors and windows.
I would highly recommend calling your local gas company.


Everybody wants to save some cash on utility bills and home repairs. ..Here's a way to do that. There are three major keys to understanding how this can be accomplished. Learn how air circulates through your home and how to control it. 
Find out if you have electric flowing back into the ground (backfeeding). You might think you understand this, but really, most of don't understand how easily energy gets lost.  It is literally finds a way to escape or changes temperature faster than you can imagine.

Cleaning the lint trap is good, but try this.

There is no easy way to deep clean your dryer lint trap.  Most of us dry our clothes and we quickly take the lint off the lint filter every time. 

There is however one important thing we forget.  About 5- 10% of all the lint from your clothes goes right by the lint screen. It's damp, so when it finally dry's it get stuck to whatever it touches. If you have a 4" plastic venting  tube (PVC) the lint builds up even faster than it does on the tin or aluminum vents.If you really want to keep your clothes dryer  and vent from getting gummed up with lint, here's what I would do
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